Praying for the Rain's photo gallery

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Photo Gallery
Below are images from various concerts and festivals over the last few years,
just click on an image to be taken to a gallery.

Frome Festival 2015 Seeds of Evegreen album launch 2015 Seeds of Evergreen album launch Sept 14 Domenic at Riven Stone festival 2014

Frome Festival July 2015

Seeds of Evergreen
launch concerts 1

Seeds of Evergreen
launch concert 2

Riven Stone Festival 2014
Pftr summer festivals Pftr at St James's Church, London 2012 Pftr at Stainsby festival 2012 Civilized World cd launch

Praying for the Rain
Festivals 2014

St James's Church
London 2012

Uk Festivals 2011-2012

Civilized World
album launch 2010
Cheese and Grain On tour in Croatia Pftr in Italy

Concerts and Festivals 2010

Croatia Tours

Algiers and Israel Tours

Italian Tours
Union Chapel concerts Pftr uk festivals pftr early years 1 pftr early years womad festival

Union Chapel concerts including Creation Stories

Earlier Uk Festivals

Pftr Early Years - album one
the Borderline, London

Pftr Early Years - album two
Womad Festival
pftr early years at the garage, London sanctuary concert 1 sanctuary concert b&w water rats concert, london

Pftr Early Years - album three
the Garage, London

Pftr Early Years - album four
Sanctuary concert
St Paul's Church, London

Pftr Early Years - album five
Sanctuary concert
St Paul's Church, London

Pftr Early Years - album six
Water Rats & Orange Club


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