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Dear friends ...hope you're all well. Thanks to everyone who came out to our recent Earth to Sky concert at the Bennett centre in Frome. Wonderful intimate evening....and always special sharing performance space with Candida and Michael... we hope to come back in new year. We've put up a few photos in our gallery page and hope to have some video soon. We have another special concert coming up before the end of the year with London's Alternatives at the beautiful Rosslyn Chapel in Hampstead for Friday December 8th. Tickets sales are going well, so book early if you can.We hope you can join us and look forward to sharing the evening with you all. See ticket and concert information below.

We're pleased to let you know that Domenic has released It's Amazing... from the album Seeds of Evergreen as a new single and new video on YouTube. It is available across all streaming platforms as well as our Bandcamp and store pages. Its been awhile in the making and he's very happy with the final images. He has always wanted to re-work the song and reach more people, given the times we are living...hope you enjoy this latest project. See links below and on Domenic'sd home page. or just hit the Youtube link above....Our back catalogue of albums are also now available across the digital world, via our Bandcamp pages, in our store pages as well as Spotify, Apple Music etc, you can now check out all the albums within the Praying for the Rain pages and Domenic's solo works... add us to your playlists and help spread the word...thx.....enjoy!! see all links to music below....
Til next time be safe and live you bliss....

We'd like to also thank-you for your continued support with our helps us keep going and keep the creative spirit alive. Domenic continues to archive past video footage, an anthology of sorts on the history of Praying for the Rain. He is currently putting together collections of rare films of performances, interviews and travels through the years, which he hopes to release in a documentary type form.. We'll keep you updated as time goes along. For now, we've uploaded a selection of new photos and short films on our various sites... so check out our gallery as well as our social media pages; Facebook, Reverbnation, YouTube etc....links below. You can hear and buy all the latest releases including, Earth to Sky, Never Letting Go and Celebrate both on hard copy and in high quality downloads from our
Bandcamp page and our online store. You can preview songs from all our albums.. All orders are via Pay Pal and direct through us. The albums and back catalogue are also available via the normal digital world, across platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer etc.
Thank you as always for your support as it helps us keep making music available....see below for details.
We encourage the use of our links where possible, as the money comes directly to us.
Thx for the extra thought.

If you'd like to speak with us about writing music for your project, just email us at our contact below and we'd be happy to discuss working together... check out our projects page...come by to say hi on our Facebook and Reverbnation pages and join our Youtube pages. links below.



Latest Releases

Earth to Sky Domenic DeCicco 2023

Never Letting Go Domenic DeCicco 2021

Celebrate Praying for the Rain 2020

Civilized World Praying for the Rain


It's Amazing... from the album
Seeds of Evergreen
Domenic DeCicco



For Cd orders go to our online store .. click on this link from our Bandcamp page or follow the Pay Pal trail... we've put up a track list and a few samples for you to listen to...we've also put up some Mp3's of some favorite older tracks...all on our disc page...enjoy!!..our on-line shop is done through the simple pay pal system...
we'll aim to get the orders out within 3-4 days... if there are any questions, just email us

 For booking enquires, joining our e-mailing list or if you've updated your info send us a note.

Praying for the Rain

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Domenic DeCicco

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Upcoming Concerts


Friday December 8th 2023 .... Domenic DeCicco, Candida Valentino & Michael Ormiston concert
Rosslyn Hill Chapel, 3 Pilgrim's Place London NW3 1NG
Doors - 19:30 to 21:30
Tickets: £25/£20 concessions
Domenic, Candida and Michael will be performing a special concert at Alternatrtives in this beautiful chapel.
Although they have played at their main concert space at St James's church in the past with Praying for the Rain and others,
this a first time sharing their Earth to Sky concert series. The evening will feature Native American Flutes,
Mongolian Khöömii Overtone Singing, Morin Khuur, Mantra, Himalayan Singing Bowls, gongs, heartfelt songs,
acoustic guitar, Indian Chakra Shlokas and much more.

Tickets and information link.

Earth to Sky concert October 13th 2023















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