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praying for the rain
domenic decicco

Praying for the Rain

Domenic DeCicco


Dear friends ...hope you're all well and enjoying this beautful summer sun. We had an amazing time at Glastonbury, catching up with so mnay people and all the performances went great. After the last couple of years it was wonderful seeing so many poeple filled with joy and happiness again. Lets hope it keeps going. Domenic also had a brilliant time with Hiroki Okano and Nigel Shaw with the Peace Flame concert at Embercombe, as well as during the opening ceremony at Glastonbury in front of many thousands of people. What an experience. We're getting some photos and video up, so check out our gallery page as well as other social media pages. We had an amazing time returning to the wonderful Stainsby Festival. Such a warm welcome after the last few years...great people and organizers. ......check out all the live videos and photos up online.
Til next time have a brilliant summer...!!

We'd like to also thank-you for your continued support with our helps us keep going and keep the creative spirit alive. We're very excited to say that Domenic has started working on a several new projects. The first is an album of musical pieces based around Native American Flute, voice and various world instruments. The second is an anthology of sorts on the history of Praying for the Rain, from an idea that began in 2021, while he was archiving concert footage from past years. He is currently putting together collections of rare films of performances, interviews and travels through the years, which he hopes to release in a documentary type form.. We'll keep you updated as time goes along. For now, we've uploaded a selection of new photos and short films on our various sites... so check out our gallery as well as our social media pages; Facebook, Reverbnation, YouTube etc....links below. You can hear and buy all the latest releases including, Never Letting Go
and Celebrate both on hard copy and in high quality downloads from our Bandcamp page. You can also preview some songs and purchase from our online store page. All orders are via Pay Pal and direct through us. The album is also available via the normal digital world, across platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon etc. . ...Thank you as always for your support as it helps us keep making music available....see below for details.
We encourage the use of our links where possible, as the money comes directly to us. Thx for the extra thought. Our store page at £11.00 (inc p&p).

More news coming soon....til then look after yourselves and stay in touch, keep each other inside your hearts...

If you'd like to speak with us about writing music for your project, just email us at our email below and we'd be happy to discuss working together... check out our projects page. ...come by to say hi on our Facebook and Reverbnation pages and join our Youtube pages as well as check out our new Bandcamp page...links below.....xd

Check out all our albums and music online for sale through our web page store.
The new album Celebrate is now also available across other digital platforms...


Seeds of Evergreen and Civilized World Cd's are also available across the digital world, so spread the news on all our music.

.....thank-you as always for your support... see links below... be safe...and live your bliss!!


Latest Releases

Never Letting Go album cover

Never Letting Go
the new album by Domenic DeCicco
(also available in our store page now buy now)


Celebrate Cd cover

the new album by Praying for the Rain
(also available in our store page now buy now)



Seeds of Evergreen Cd

Seeds of Evergreen
by Domenic DeCicco
(also available in our store page now buy now)

Civilized World CD

Civilized World
Praying for the Rain
(also available in our store page now buy now)


For Cd orders go to our online store .. click on this link from our Bandcamp page or follow the Pay Pal trail... we've put up a track list and a few samples for you to listen to...we've also put up some Mp3's of some favorite older tracks...all on our disc page...enjoy!!..our on-line shop is done through the simple pay pal system...
we'll aim to get the orders out within 3-4 days... if there are any questions, just email us

** For any booking enquires and for joining our e-mailing list ** or if you've updated your info send us a note.....cheers....

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Praying for the Rain

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Domenic DeCicco

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Upcoming Concerts

June 20th - 25th...Glastonbury Festival, Worthy Farm, Pilton BA4 4BY
performances in the Green Fields will include:

Toad Hall  - (Solo combo set) Wednesday 5:30  and  (Pftr set) Friday Night 10:30-11:30pm - Green Futures
Small World Stage Saturday 5:30 - Little Rain set
Earth Circle Music - Wednesday - Saturday afternoons.... Healing Fields
Solo combo and Little Rain sets.
Domenic will also be a guest performer with Nigel Shaw and Hiroki Okano on
Native American Flutes & voice on various sets.

Wednesday June 29th...Embercombe, Devon  EX6 7QQ 
Ceremony: 5 pm Dinner: 6:30 pm
Concert: 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Email: tel:+441647252983

In remembrance of the Hiroshima Peace Flame, this gathering will begin with a Prayer for Peace created by Hiroki Okano (including Shinto and Buddhist prayers). After a dinner break, the performance will weave together the Buddhist and Shinto mountain traditions of Japan with ancient music that describes the landscape of the British Isles, braiding together the indigenous sacred cultures of these two island nations. It will share a gentle and powerful journey, meditative and uplifting, as they draw on the musical inspiration of both Pacific and Atlantic oceans, mountain and moor. The performers will be playing a wide range of traditional flutes from many cultures, drums, bouzouki, Cretan Laouto, guitar, keyboards, chants and prayers

Sunday July 17th ...Stainsby Festival, Brunts Fields, Stainsby S44 5RN
Performance Sunday evening at 8:40pm - 10pm
Email:   InfoLine: 01246 851337

Pftr are returning to this wonderful 3 day festival after a couple of years of cancellations due to lock down.
Performing songs from latest album, Celebrate as well as a selection of old favs...