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Instrumental - Meditation

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At Sunset Cd

At Sunset
A sublime selection of instrumental songs that were inspired by domenic's years of traveling to Crete, Greece. The movements take the listener to those tranquil places by the sea and feed the soul with mountain air. Using instruments from Crete such as the Lauoto, Outi and Madura, coupled with the guitar, native american flute and voice, this collection of songs brings an inner quiet & peace and reaches an ancient place within you.

"dexterous and intuitive, talented domenic calls on his multi-cultured background to offer moods from thoughtful (Breath In the Sea) to enriching (First Son). Stand out track: At Sunset..." Musician magazine 2006

More songs on Domenic's here..


silent winds cd

Silent Winds
A collection of music recorded over several days of spontaneous play at Twin Arrows studios. Domenic, Vincenzo and Eddy have known each other for a number of years and though they have performed in concert together, they've never had the opportunity to record it, until now. This Cd captures the magic of their live performance with the beauty of an ambience created from that sound and the space between the music. The result is a thoughtful, meditative and moving performance, that combines their years of experience as musicians with a true understanding of listening and sharing energies.
Domenic DeCicco - voice, guitars, flutes, clarinet, ghatam, percussion
Vincenzo DeCicco - accordion, keyboards, percussion
Eddy Sayer - gongs, hybrid harp, percussion


Night Sky

For sample click on link -

sons of our grandfathers cd cover

domenic with Laouto

Songs of Our Grandfathers
A beautifully crafted album by a brotherhood of flute players from four different sacred cultures, Nigel Shaw, Guillermo Martinez, Hiroki Okano and Domenic DeCicco. This work is inspired by the spirits of the grandfathers and the songs of ancestral lands. The music offers a shared understanding of our human connection to this beautiful planet.

Special guest Domenic DeCicco from the band Praying for the Rain played guitar, Cretan Laouto, Cedar flute, percussion and voices.


Under a Big Sky

Rain Down


samples coming soon

shakti cd

Shakti Sunday Afternoon
In keeping within the spirit of live performance, domenic and vincenzo decicco continue their series of spontaneous "play" recordings with friends they've performed with during their years in the UK, this time together with tom simenaur on tabla. This cd contains meditative and moving pieces with world rhythms and spacious ambience, recorded during several relaxing days together at their London home and recording studio Twin Arrows.
domenic deCicco - guitars
vincenzo deCicco - accordion
tom simenaur - tabla

Shakti Sunday Afternoon

samples coming soon
inner stillness cd

Inner Stillness
Music only...Gentle movements of sound to relax and accompany you on your inner journey. This music helps you breath more slowly, connecting with the stillness within, bringing you to a state of peacefulness during meditation. Approx 50 minutes


vessel within cd

The Vessel Within
There is a constant yearning within the human heart for peace! Today we are witnessing the birth of a new era which is more fertile for positive change than any other time in the evolution of humankind. Now we have the opportunity to: Find inner tranquillity... Realize heartfelt longing... Achieve contented fulfillment..
Create together that deeply desired collective Peace on Earth...

Part one: Instrumental. Gentle movements of sounds to relax and accompany you on your inner journey.
Vincenzo DeCicco- keyboards, percussion
Domenic DeCicco - guitars, voice, flutes, percussion.

Part two: A guided visualization entering the depths of your own inner being. Here one will receive many deep and rewarding experiences.
Narration: Brenda Brett- a renowned hypnotherapist and spiritual healer.
(approx. 60 minutes -track one is music only....track two is a guided visualization)

Music Only Narration with music

samples coming soon




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